Some Pros and Cons of Buying Used Car Parts

As Used Auto Parts Pro, we source only the best car parts that would give your car an additional few more years of life. If you’re just getting started into this and want to know if it’s safe of not, then we are just the right fit for you.

Well, used car parts have been in the recycling business for ages and this is one way to save you cost but often it takes a lot of time and that is where we “ USED AUTO PARTS PRO” come to your rescue. All of us at Used Auto Parts Pro started right from scratch. If there is one advice we can give you, it would be to ask as many questions to the seller to try and ensure you have purchased the correct parts for your car.

Some Pros of used car parts:

·       Easy on the bank:

After all, it is a much more convenient option for our wallets. Since they are more affordable than new auto parts.

·       Extended life on the road:

The second reason you could consider purchasing used auto parts from is they can give your vehicle more years on the road. Rather than paying hefty prices for new parts, affordable used auto parts can give you a chance to continue using that car that you’ve been so used to driving for several years.

·       Warranty or Refund Policy:

The third reason why you should buy parts from our reputable website is we offer some great warranty and refund policies. People sometimes have a stigma when it comes to used auto parts and we are here to erase it. Here are we have the parts cleaned and tested for installation from our sources. If you’re not happy with the item you purchase we offer you a rebate on your money spent.

·       Environmental Friendly:

The fourth reason is that buying used auto parts is an environmentally-friendly choice. At this time, the auto recycling industry is the biggest in North America. Many other countries see the benefit of auto recycling. After all close to 27 million cars around the world are recycled each year. Our recycled parts from our sources are free of toxic fluids such as gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, battery lead, batteries and mercury from each vehicle before they are crushed.

·       Always an option:

Vehicles may also require service when least expected. It can be a challenge to afford an unexpected repair. Knowing your vehicle is a crucial piece of machine to get you moving certainly comes at a cost. Thankfully the viable option of buying used auto parts from a reliable source can certainly save you some of your hard-earned money.

Having to make a choice of using an OEM (original equipment manufacturer part) or Aftermarket Auto Parts or Used Auto Parts is debatable. Does it matter in the end? Yes it does and we will explain why. As explained earlier, coming from industry leaders and veterans in the industry we have found that Used Auto Parts or Aftermarket parts usually meet the need for repair.

There are times when we recommend using an OEM as that part has been designed specifically for that make and model. Aftermarket parts are new car parts which is not from the original manufacturer. The only reason for this is, reliability is not guaranteed as non-genuine car parts have been proven to be less reliable than credible used car parts.

However not all used auto parts are flawless, but there are a few tips to be aware of when investing into used car parts.

Cons of used car parts:-

·       Non-Reliable Sources:

If you are not aware of where your part is being shipped from, then it is probably not a safe option to go into. Always ask questions about the dealer and what’s the junkyard or scrap yard these used car parts are taken from. Many times dealers for used car parts don’t offer a money-back or guarantee on some items which actually should have, in those cases, you have to take extra precaution and the only way to do so is to have at least 3 options to verify your data.

·       Not for every Part:

Used car part replacements is not for every part. For example, brakes are one of them. Be careful of retailers or online purchases if they do not state the year and how long it has been in use. These could really be tricky as many exempt these details since it would damage their sales.

·       Not Knowing The Exact History:

There is exactly no possible way to be 100% sure of the history of the used car part. Junkyards have very limited information on the Owners of the cars they’ve crushed. How the driver has been using them plays a vital role in the durability of the part. At we take a lot of due diligence on the parts we sell and ensure the customer is fully equipped with all the information we know in order for them to make a more informed decision. Our sourcing team is one of the biggest and largest as we have access to over 32,000,000 million car parts.

·       Consumes a lot of time:

If you are trying to purchase used car parts on your own and directly from wholesalers, well then you better grab your snacks and probably 3 meals. It is very time-consuming and it is not much you can do at your end to make an informed decision because the number of used car part sellers is enormous in North America. At the end of all the searching, you have lost a lot of time and energy which may end up leading to a hasty decision. has the best platform for users to browse for any auto part they are in search for. With access to over 100,000 vendors which are verified and trustworthy, you will receive a call back within 24 hrs with multiple options.

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