Attention Customers 

Please Review our return policy.

Refund Processing times can vary between 6-8 weeks to process and return. This time includes times for both processing banks and your bank/credit card company to process. 

We have up to 1 year limited warranty on parts.

It is the customer’s responsibility to supply us with your VIN number before ordering a part. If we sell a part that does not fit, and we were not supplied your VIN, we reserve the right to refuse any exchange or return. With today’s complicated vehicles it is necessary to have your VIN and production date available when ordering a part.

  1.  25% restocking fee will be charged on all returnable merchandise. If we made a mistake and sold you the wrong part, we will provide you with the correct part, or refund you the purchase price at our discretion. Parts may be returned within 30 days for a refund, less restock fee. If you provide with a credit card or bank account information, you agree to these terms and we have all conversations documented.

Exclusions may apply to certain types of parts, listed below:

Body parts, sheet metal, wheels, and tires (hoods, doors, fenders, bumpers, headlights, taillights, mirrors, and glass) are sold strictly as is, no warranty, no exchange, and no refunds. Unless we state otherwise!  We can not be held liable for damages caused by shipping companies as example: USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, or Freight Related. Each shipment will be insured, and documentation will be provided in the event you need to file a claim.

Electrical parts are all sold as is, no warranty, no exchange, and no refunds. This includes but is not limited to: computers, modules, throttle bodies, distributors, speedometers, heater controls, stereos/radios, switches and electrical motors.

Interior parts are sold as is, no warranty. This includes seats, dashes, carpet, trim panels and seat belts. Unless mentioned other wise!

Engines, transmissions and drivetrain parts are covered up to a limited 1 year warranty.  Any warranty returns our policies still applies, less restock fee. Labor costs, towing, fluids, shop supplies, and any other expenses are not covered by

Engine warranty covers cracked block, cylinder head, and rotating assembly. Parts external to the long block assembly (i.e., intakes, manifolds, carburetors, throttle bodies, injectors, oil pans, valve covers, brackets, etc.) are not warrantied. These are left on for installers’ convenience only. All engines and transmissions must be installed by an ASE certified shop for warranty to be effective.

If we feel the installer was negligent, we reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim.

In the event of problems out of our control EXAMPLE: freight delays, freight companies losing or damaging items sent, etc. and YOU the customer decides to cancel the order for whatever reason, we reserve the right to withhold shipping costs (these are paid to freight companies however, if we get refunded freight cost, we pass that back to the customer) and we reserve the right to charge UP TO 25% restock fees. is not responsible for actions taken by its partners on the usedautopartspro.compartner network.

We have members that sell auto salvage, used auto parts, used car parts, used truck parts, etc. When you complete our Parts Request that is found on all of our webpages, that information is then sent to any vendor that is a current member of our Partner Network.  Each partner reserves the right to either uphold policies, or implement their own. You can always ask each of our partners where to find their own companies terms and conditions. We advise to review these conditions on their websites, or ask for copies to be emailed to you before you make a purchase.

Do NOT ever send cash, money order, gift cards, or any payments over the phone or internet. We recommend to all our partners to use PayPal, or any other Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMX payment gateways, which in turns, protects our users.

“us” refers to and “end user” refers to vendor purchasing the used auto part requests.

UsedAutoPartsPro.comreserves the right to give NO REFUNDS on any prepayment for lead services. does not guarantee to meet the expectations of an individual or company who purchases used auto part requests from UsedAutoPartsPro.comand it’s affiliates are not responsible for any website malfunctions or issues that may delay the delivery of any used parts request or “leads” to our vendors. We do not give “credit” on any undelivered leads by amount or time which has passed.

We do not allow for any service to be “paused” or held after payment is remitted to

We give refunds at our discretion, and have the choice to either deliver the service for the amount of time that was prepaid. By paying us by bank transfer, Zelle, or credit card you agree to the terms under the UsedAutoPartsPro.comVendors agreement.

If we catch you at anytime, reselling our used auto parts requests, we reserve the right to terminate the lead disbursement parse and keep the prepaid funds you have paid. We also track our leads using a mailer.php tracking pixel, that tells us the IP address that opens the lead, and if an IP address that opens our leads that is NOT on the file with your email ID, will be subject to a flag, and the USA contact or head office manager will need to speak with our quality control department.  We work VERY hard to get you these used auto parts request, and will not tolerate any kind of malicious behavior or intent of the end user.