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One-Stop-Shop for Used Auto Parts USA

Used Auto Parts Pro is the largest used auto parts marketplace in the USA, providing authentic and low-priced used car parts for sale. You can buy used car parts online for automobiles of any make and model in the USA from our inventory. The automotive industry is an incredibly large and important sector of the global economy. It is estimated that cars and other motorized vehicles account for around $2.3 trillion in revenue worldwide. With this, it is not surprising that the demand for used car auto parts for sale is also immense. As a result, many people opt to buy used auto parts instead of brand-new ones, as this can often be a much more cost-effective solution.

We offer additional benefits with buying used car parts from us, including no middlemen involved in the purchase, which will further decrease the price of the part. We offer the lowest shipping cost and the fastest same-day delivery to your doorstep. Furthermore, the second-hand car parts USA you will buy from us will be certified and exact-fit guaranteed. To add to our customers’ convenience, we offer a free return and refund policy. Get in touch with us via call or fill out a simple form on the website and find the part you are looking for!

Why Buy Used Car Parts?

Used auto parts are parts removed from a vehicle that is no longer in use or has been declared a total loss. These parts can include engines, transmissions, oil pans, alternators, side mirrors, lights, rear axles, used abs module, ECM for cars, used AC compressor, and other aftermarket auto accessories. The advantage of buying used auto parts USA is that they are much cheaper than buying new parts. This can be especially beneficial for those working on a budget, as it saves them significant money.

Another advantage of buying second hand car parts USA is that they can often be found in better condition than brand-new parts. This is because used auto parts have already been tested and used, meaning that their quality and durability are already known. This can provide a higher level of assurance to buyers that the parts they are purchasing are reliable and will last.

Additionally, the used auto parts we supply come with a warranty, which can provide additional peace of mind. Irrespective of what auto part you are looking for, our one-stop shop for used car parts USA has made it easy to source them. From used parts for BMW, used parts for Honda, to used parts for Jaguars, and more, find any auto part USA.

Finally, buying used car parts can help support the environment. This is because when people buy used auto parts online USA, they reuse parts that would otherwise have been discarded. This helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, which in turn reduces pollution and helps conserve natural resources.

Why Choose Us?

No Middlemen

We provide B2C services to eliminate third-party sellers that impose exorbitant fees and make it very expensive to purchase used auto parts.

Transparency & Time Saving

We deliver auto parts to your doorstep with the lowest shipping fees and get your part shipped within minutes.

Authenticity Assured

All parts are guaranteed to be in working condition with a free return and refund policy.

Used Drivetrain Parts

Quality Used Engine & Transmission Parts sold as complete assemblies


Used Axle Parts

Quality Used Auto Body Parts that make your car look road-worthy


Used Electrical Parts

Everything from an ECM, Engine Computer and Electronic Control Modules to fix your car


Used Mechanical Parts

Quality Used Mechanical Car Parts that get you back on the road for less money

Used Brake Parts

Top Tier Grade “A” Brake Parts That Get You Moving



To find the perfect part for your automobile, provide us with VIN and the production date.

Used Auto Parts by Brands

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Important Tips when Buying Used Car Parts USA

Most Popular Used Auto Parts

Used Engine

Buy the best-quality old engines for premium and economical car brands.

Used Transmission

Contact us to buy used transmissions for the gear shifters.

Used Alternators

Buy used alternators with a six-month guarantee.

Used Lights

Contact us to see if we have the used headlights you’re looking for.

Used Side Mirrors

Find the best-used vehicle side view mirrors.

Used Tyres

Find branded tires in good condition for your car at the best price.

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