Best Places to Look for Second-Hand Car Parts in New York

Of course, everyone knows New York as the city that never sleeps, and its famous landmarks including Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. New York state however spans over 330 miles in length and hosts cities such as Rochester, Buffalo, and the capital, Albany. Lesser known is the vast array of used car part retailers and junkyards in the area, the best of which will be explored here.

·       Northwest NY – Northside Salvage (

Northside Salvage is in Rochester, on the west side of NY state. This long-serving business has the biggest collection of second-hand car parts to cater to all your needs. They offer several benefits including testing and warranty on all their parts, have a well-organized inventory for easy part sourcing, vast knowledge from their trained and experienced car enthusiast employees and offer an easy return and refund policy.

The company also has a list of parts on eBay that can be shipped directly to you and an extensive online inventory to accommodate your needs before visiting them on-site. Offering used engines, tires, body panels, lights, and much more!

·       East NY – Cornell’s Used Auto Parts (

Based on the east side of NY state, Cornells Used Auto Parts sits just above the town of Saratoga Springs (1h North of Albany) and has been running for nearly 50 years. With this long history, Cornells are a family-owned center with anywhere up to 1500 cars in stock at one time.

It started in 1972, whereby the owner, Duane Cornell opened his own mechanic shop at the end of the Barn in which his family-owned. The business grew and became popular with the locals, and in 1979 Duane upgraded to his own building up the street. A business that is still operating today – Cornell’s Garage & Towing.

The business expanded further and in the ’80s a Body Shop was opened, again still operating today. With more updates in the 1990’s including the birth of the Used Auto Parts store, which was run by Duane Cornell until 2003, where his son Casey took over and continued to expand the business, doubling the size of the used auto parts center.

The center prides itself in having excellent customer support, with some employees working there since the ’80s! They also have excellent delivery times, usually shipping on the same day via UPS. With also a competitive warranty offering of a minimum of 6 months. Opening Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm, feel free to check it out if you’re in the area and in the need for sourcing genuine OEM used parts.

Central NY – A&P Auto Parts (

A&P is a company that prides itself in recycling and are environmentally conscious. They want to supply every customer with a quality used OEM product, whilst also offering an alternative that will not break the bank.

This excellent business model has allowed the expansion of two centers, one in Syracuse and one in Rochester. Operating since 1969 after Bill and Kathy Abold decided to start the business with partners John and Pauline Pawlicki. They were all auto enthusiasts and keen to make use of dismantling cars, providing services to the local community, and had a mission to make an impact.

A&P not only offer thousands of car parts right to your door, but they also provide cash offers for any car owners wishing to scrap their vehicle on site. They are accredited with URG8000 and are Gold Seal Certified meaning that consumers are protected when purchasing through A&P after the company was audited to the strict standards, leaving you with complete peace of mind.

·       Queens, NY City – Parts Are Us (

Accommodating the bustling NY city, and the area of Queens, Parts R Us has an extensive array of used OEM parts. These include Alternators, Engine assemblies, and even a glass shop for replacing window and door glass.

Located in Flushing Ave, Queens, Parts R Us have been in operation for more than 25 years and prides itself in quick and easily accessible parts for your car. With a nationwide and electronic parts system combined with their well-informed staff, they offer a wide range of domestic and imported car parts to cater to any customer’s needs.

Emphasizing the new approach of not just dismantling and selling scrap car parts, but recycling and re-using perfectly good components. Providing a top service that you can benefit from when looking for genuine OEM parts.

·       Staten Island, NY City – Ace Auto Salvage

The theme continues, this time for anyone on Staten Island that needs good quality, long-standing car parts specialists, with a team of extensively knowledgeable car enthusiasts.

Ace Auto Salvage is one of the oldest car salvage yards in NY, being in operation since 1951, the 70-year history means that even when a part cannot be found locally, the team can use their extensive network of contacts to source the part for you quickly and efficiently. This NY-run salvage yard has a list of excellent reviews, with some buyers repeating business for 25 years!

Specializing in later models of cars and trucks, both domestic and imported, Ace Auto Salvage can speak many languages to its customers including English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Polish. With a complete line of interior parts, accessories, engines, body panels, and transmissions. There is worldwide shipping available and a competitive 90-day warranty on their parts.

·       Long Island, NY – Sambucci Bros (

Long Islanders, this one is for you! Catering to the local area and beyond, Sambucci Bros is also one of the longest-standing Used Parts specialists in New York. With 70 years of expertise, car owners from Queens and the New York area keep coming back to the quality service that the Sambucci Bros provides.

Starting in 1951 when Daniel Sambucci Sr noticed more cars on the road and the need for parts. Borrowing money from his mom, he and his brothers built up the business from scratch, working 18-hour days over many years to reach the reputation it has now.

With their motto of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, currently 3 generations of the Sambucci family represent this business and pride themselves in quality recycled parts, professionalism, and outstanding service. Ideal for you if you are a Long Island resident.

What is best for you?

Virtually any car part you are looking for can be found online in today’s world. But to get that little bit extra advice and direction, we have explored some of the best companies with the highest reputation that you may find useful when searching for that tricky component for your pride and joy. Depending on the area, part availability may provide you with little choice. But New York state has so many excellent salvage and junkyards to cater to your needs.