Used Car ECM - Signs of a Poor ECM


    Modern automobiles depend on a sophisticated communication network for efficient functioning. This network comprises various terminals, cables, and sensors, all of which provide feedback to diverse electronic computer modules. In the majority of instances, every important vehicle system is controlled by a computer module.

    Buy Used Car BCM – Signs You Need To Replace BCM Of Your Car

    Check battery drain –

    One of the most prevalent signs of a malfunctioning body control module is repetitive, excessive battery drain, commonly known as a parasitic draw. 

    While a certain level of the parasitic draw is acceptable, a BCM failure that permits excessive pull may deplete a battery in hours. This draw arises when a BCM continues to provide power to an accessory at inappropriate times.

    Erratic Electrical Function –

    A car’s horn, lights, and windshield wipers may randomly activate if it has a faulty body control module. This may also be the case.

    Indicative of a broken body control module is the presence of wildly oscillating instrument cluster dials, in addition to dysfunctional door locks and radio operations. When more than one of these symptoms is present simultaneously, the probability that they are associated with BCM increases.

    Problems with the Safety and Security Systems –

    The body control module of a vehicle is almost usually responsible for controlling the car’s security system. Thus, a broken or malfunctioning body control module is the cause of persistent difficulties with a vehicle’s security system, even while these problems remain unexplained.

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