How To Buy Used Car AC Condenser


    A car’s condenser is a heat exchanger responsible for lowering the temperature of the refrigerant during condensation. Extracting heat from the refrigerant is necessary to keep interior temperatures low. The condenser is situated before the radiator. Its essential function requires meticulous care, as any damage might cause the air conditioning system to malfunction. This article tries to make purchasing a condenser for your car more educated to choose the correct component.

    What considerations should one make before purchasing a used car ac condenser?


    Because condensers are vehicle-specific, vehicle compatibility is one of the most critical purchase considerations. Before purchasing, you may examine the manufacturer and model of the automobile on our website. Fins of a condenser may be constructed of brass, aluminum, or copper. Brass and copper are great insulators, but aluminum is resistant to deterioration and corrosion.

    Selecting Appropriate Material

    There are two condensers dependent on the material used to manufacture the coils. The first condenser is made of copper, while the second is made of aluminum. Copper condensers are less expensive than aluminum condensers. Aluminum condensers have a limited lifespan, so you may need to spend extra for maintenance if your air conditioner contains them. Copper condensers are more expensive than aluminum condensers but have a longer lifespan.

    Shop Used AC Condenser Parts for Car

    The cost of replacing the used vehicle’s AC condenser might vary based on the vehicle’s make, model, and year, as well as the condition of the other components of the air conditioning system, according to Used Auto Parts Pro. A car’s AC condenser costs between $5 and $530 on average.