Where to Find Used Ford Car Parts?

Being one of the most well-known brands of all time, with nearly 120 years of history, Ford has produced hundreds of models over its life so far and all of which need replacement parts every now and then.

Sourcing the best sites and companies, with the best expertise can prove difficult. This is why we have compiled a list of the best-known retailers in the industry for sourcing any second-hand Ford parts, from your Mustang to your Focus.

To tailor to your needs, these retailers are spread across North America, with a mix of the West and East coast, depending on where you are located. If you are further afield then most of the retailers offer shipping on their parts (even overseas for the right price), therefore please contact them in advance where they can quote delivered to your region.

·       AllFordWrecking.com

Based out of Anaheim, CA, All Ford wrecking is a one-stop-shop for all your used Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury car parts. With 37 years of operation, the vast knowledge of ford vehicles by the mechanics and car enthusiasts is industry-leading.

Some employees with over 15 years of service, AllFordWrecking has a large inventory in the California area which can be shipped locally free of charge, or further afield to the rest of the North American market. They pride themselves in their large network of contacts and enthusiasts in the industry, claiming they will be able to source any part you have requested, even if they do not have it locally.

·       PartsMarket

One of the largest car parts retailers in the US, PartsMarket has parts for over 100 Ford models in its catalog. They can cater for virtually anything including whole engine assemblies, bumpers, ABS units, and axle shafts naming just a few.

The website is laid out in a clear and concise way, with filters for types of products to search for, catering to your specific model year and trim level. With more than reasonable pricing, for example, a whole 2008 Ford Focus Engine was advertised at just over $200! They also offer a nationwide center across the US and can handle all the logistics for you for complete peace of mind.

·       OEMFord.Parts

Specializing in mostly new OEM parts, this retailer based out of Bartow, FL can cater to any inquiry on parts that you may not be wise to replace with a used equivalent. Parts such as belts and hoses, spark plugs, and wiper blades.

Best of all, OEMFord.Parts are an authorized Ford parts distributor, with the ability to deliver to any Ford dealership in the US. Their parts online are competitively priced, and they can also deliver right to your door.

Along with AllFordWrecking, they have extensive knowledge of car parts from their Ford enthusiast team and can answer any questions you may have on replacing certain parts and whether it is the right thing to do.

·       LKQ online

The biggest retailer online for repurposing OEM parts. Focusing on cars and trucks that have undergone damage, LKQ can offer newer models with low mileage with cars sold in the US or even imported into the region, they have it all!

Every part is carefully inspected, cleaned, and tested before being shipped out and they match VINs to make sure any advertised part online has an accurate description.

They also highlight the importance of recycling used parts and providing an eco-friendly solution, preventing the need to manufacture a new part.

With the extensive list of Ford parts available, the company has great reviews, returns policies, and strict safety standards that make them stand out as the top retailers for sourcing used Ford components.

·       eBay

Everyone knows the power of eBay. Not only is it good for buying and selling car parts, but it’s also good for comparing pricing, doing market research, and understanding shipping costs. One of the most powerful marketplaces in the world, individuals and businesses advertise their components on eBay, and both new and used Ford parts can be sourced here.

There are a few hints and tips for searching on eBay. Firstly, the filter is a useful tool to make sure you are choosing the correct model year and spec of your Ford. With carmakers updating their model every year in some cases, it can be difficult to keep track of which component belongs to which model year. eBay sorts this all out for you when you use the filter function on the left side of the search results.

When buying used parts on eBay, how do you know you are not getting ripped off?

The best way to find a good deal is to understand what similar parts have sold for in the past. This can be done by scrolling down on the search results and clicking the “Sold Items” under the “Show Only” section (example below).

Another important tip is to look at the buyer rating and if they are a business or individual seller. Businesses can make mistakes after listing hundreds, or even thousands of items online and individual car enthusiasts often take much more care when advertising online. Therefore, be sure you are ordering the correct part by confirming the details with the seller.

Along with this, make sure you carefully inspect the photos, and any indication of a bad photo (with corners cropped out of the part), or anything blurry, then treat this with caution and perhaps look elsewhere.

·       Car meets

The best way to get every Ford enthusiast in one place is to host a car meet. In recent times it has been difficult hosting events, but as the world has opened up, these are popping up with popularity higher than ever.

Carlisle Ford Nationals is the largest all-Ford show in the world. Showcasing Ford models from across the globe. The most important element is of course the world’s largest flea market for used Ford parts, tools, memorabilia, and more.

These sorts of events not only offer the best opportunity to source that difficult part you had been searching for, but it also offers incredible networking opportunities. Meeting other gas heads, with vast knowledge of the Ford brand. Simply approaching a car owner can enlighten your mind and grow your knowledge in ways you had never imagined.

Along with the networking opportunities, the show also offers inspiration and ideas for how you can improve and style your own car. With resto-mods or new models being showcased throughout the 3-day event. Some of which have unique color schemes, interiors, and engine upgrades.

A mix of the best options

As you can tell, the internet provides much of the answers we are looking for when finding used parts. But ultimately the traditional face-to-face interactions are worth their weight in gold – deciding which is the right approach is ultimately up to you. We hope you found this summary useful when looking to source a second-hand part for your Ford, if you have any further ideas on ways to find Ford parts then please let us know.