BMW Used Vehicle Alternator: Know When to Replace It


    Alternators are not hard to understand—generators of alternating current. Your alternator has a copper “coil” and “brushes” magnets. By rubbing against copper, these rotating brushes make an electric charge.

    Before getting to the battery, the charge goes through several electrical parts, such as the voltage regulator and rectifier bridge. 

    The BMW used alternators are powered by the battery through another terminal. Symbiotic. The battery boosts the alternator, and the alternator provides the battery with a charge.

    Signs When You Need to buy BMW used alternator:

    Making things worse

    If your car doesn’t start and spins, it may be because the alternator is worn out, and it’s time to buy BMW used alternator. It’s possible that the voltage regulator is broken, or some brushes can’t reach the coil anywhere.

    Dimmed accessories

    When you start your truck, if the dash lights, dome light, headlights, and radio dim, your alternator may not be able to handle the load as well as it used to. When you step on the gas, your lights dim or blink slowly.


    If your battery keeps going dead or your car won’t start, check the alternator, even if your battery was fine. This is important to know because the alternator can’t charge the battery. 

    Burnt-rubber odor

    This sign is not as common as others. If your alternator belt can’t turn freely on the pulleys, friction could cause the belt to get hot. If it gets hot enough, you’ll smell burned rubber.

    Grinding/whining sounds

     A grinding or whining sound is another sign of something wrong with the alternator. When bearings are broken, dirty, or worn out, they grind. If you hear whistling, it’s probably because the voltage regulator is telling the alternator to charge too much. Check the battery just in case you hear a whining sound. 

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