Buying Used Car Lights: What You Need to Know?


    Before buying a used car light, know your vehicle’s year, make, and model. A component number or comparable years or models may also assist. You may not be able to locate the proper headlight for your automobile or car without this information.

    Things to Consider to Buy Used Car Lights:

    Light Types:

    Buying a cheap headlamp doesn’t save you money if you get the incorrect one. Along with your vehicle’s make and model, you should know what type of lighting it requires. 

    High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps emit strong white-blue light instead of filament. They cost more but are 2-3 times brighter than halogen. Professional installation is required for HID headlights.

    LED (light-emitting diodes) headlights are brighter, simpler to install and use less energy than halogen lamps. They are more expensive than halogen or HID headlights, but they switch on fast.

    Most older cars use halogen headlights with a tungsten bulb. A small quantity of iodine or bromine is used in heat-resistant glass bulbs. This sort of headlamp creates a lot of heat, has a yellowish light, and is typically the cheapest.

    Lights: Sealed Beam or Capsule?

    Knowing your headlight’s configuration can help you get the right one. Headlights used to be as easy as putting in a lightbulb, but times have changed. Older cars had sealed beams, where the bulb and lens are one piece. More recent vehicles feature a capsule bulb that fits directly into the headlight socket.

    Check With the Junkyard.

    Make sure the junkyard has the new headlamp you need before removing your old ones. Have your make, model, and year ready when contacting the junkyard.

    When you shop at Used Auto Parts Pro, we make it our mission to assist you not only in locating the used auto parts you need but also in comprehending that you are making the right choice. So, contact us immediately to see if we have the used headlights you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.